Erin Falkenham

I am blessed to be the mama of three wonderful girls and the wife of an incredible man that I have known since I was eighteen. Together we raise our family with a large dose of humour and coffee on an old farm we have been renovating the last 5 years in rural Nova Scotia.

I am an animal loving, plaid shirt/jean wearing wannabe minimalist but actual clutter bug who laughs loud and often, has a sense of humour that is borderline inappropriate, is a fiercely loyal friend (so I have been told) and loves a cold beer on a hot day. 

I relish connecting with people. I find them so fascinating, which is why I believe I feel so strongly about portraiture. I am passionate about black and white images, shooting in natural light and tend to be drawn towards mood, contrast, grain and filling the frame. 

Since picking up my camera 2.5 years ago, it has been an incredible journey of growth for me. I am hopeful to continue to define how I see things, be inspired and become stronger at emotional storytelling and connections. 

Cheers -e