The POrtrait COllective

As a artist, it can become difficult to remain inspired-- and continually create work that shows heart, soul, and growth. Bringing to fruition the images we dream of; visual stories that stir your soul, and make you feel as though they are nearly tangible. How do we breathe fresh life into our work? How do we continue to challenge ourselves, and accept nothing less than our entire heart translated into imagery that is moving? Appreciating the work of others, and recognizing what images make you feel that real, raw emotion can help us, as artists, to dig deeper and create meaningful art.

The Portrait Collective came together as a group of photographers, who have the desire to inspire and challenge ourselves and one another. We aspire to create our best new work -- and ultimately, a portrait selection from each contributing artist will be curated in an online gallery on a monthly basis. Our contributing artists are not given a monthly theme, but instead, invited to break free of what may feel artistically comfortable. As a professional photographer, it is easy to get caught up in setting the scene for a moment to be captured. This collaborative will be focusing more on establishing a palpable connection with our subject, and less on the surrounding details.

The journey of artistic growth and self-discovery is endless. We have chosen to share this stretch of road together as artists -- with our hearts and lenses wide open.